The Auto Industry is Experiencing Booming Growth

The Automotive Detailing and the Automotive Aftermarket industry is one of the fastest growing business opportunities in the world today. In recent year's the automotive industry has experienced record sales in the new car sales industry. What does this mean for a Detail Garage store? This means more people with more cars - therefore more people looking to take care of their car.

According to Reuters, in 2015 the United States auto sales hit a record of 17.4 million vehicles. Most news outlets and economists predict that this will continue to grow for the coming years. The Auto Industry has to be not only the biggest industry but the industry that develops the fastest. With an industry that continues to grow, the auto care industry is no different.

Auto Detailing Industry is expected to continue to $9 billion in revenue in the next five years! The Auto Detailing Industry doesn't only apply to professionals that are making a living off of this as a career, but this also includes more and more car owners that are doing this as a at home project.

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